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ANT wireless fitness protocol [edit section]

ANT+ wireless fitness protocol

ANT+ and android [edit section]

Post #10, Oct 18, 2010 says:
The information I posted was directly cut and pasted from correspondence
with HTC. I am not a hardware expert and wouldn't know if the
information/terminology supplied to me was consistent or not.
What I want is an ANT+ compatible Android device like the HTC Legends
used by team HTC Columbia in this years Tour de France. I went on a
mission to find out which HTC models were capable based on press releases
from ANT+ and Texas Instruments. Statements in those press releases
were inconsistent with HTC's current Android model specs on their website.
This led me to contact various departments within HTC for answers.
According to email I received from HTC, the Legends used in the TdF had
one-off hardware modifications using TI's WiLink chipsets, and are not
available to consumers just yet.
Bottom line, HTC said consumer-ready ANT+ connectivity solutions do not
exist for their current Android lineup.

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