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Here are some things to do:

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House [edit section]

  • kids towel rack
  • fix ice dispenser on fridge
  • Get rid of baker's racks
  • Fix handle on sliding door in master bedroom
  • fix sprinklers in pool planter
  • Add sill to window in kitchen
  • fix spot on kitchen table
  • get rid of wood shelves (from Dad)
    • make a shoe rack?

Projects [edit section]

Kids [edit section]

  • teach Ryan and Nathan Scratch
    • finish "boat race" game
  • read bedtime books to Nathan
    • the hobbit?

Electronics [edit section]

  • use SSD drive
  • set up 2nd (DELL) computer
    • get graphics card?

Books to read [edit section]

interesting information [edit section]

tbwiki [edit section]

  • make mobile theme (for todo list online)
  • finish generic charting
    • support HTML5 charting

videos to watch [edit section]

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