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Here's some information about Tim Bird

He wrote the TBWIKI software!

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Contact Info [edit section]

Try contacting Tim at his personal e-mail:

tbird20d (at) yahoo (dot) com

History [edit section]

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Interests [edit section]

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Stuff I'm working on [edit section]

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Scripture Reading - bookmark [edit section]

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Running charts [edit section]

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Hobbies and interests [edit section]

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Favorite Quotes [edit section]

Here are some of my FavoriteQuotes

Words to "Brisas del Zulia" [edit section]

Meciendo las palmeras como si fuera mecer de naves,
(Palm trees, swaying as if they were the swaying of boats,
me pongo en mi terruño a evocar,
(puts me in my homeland to evoke)
las brisas de mi lago gentil,
(the gentle breezes of my lake)
en un perfume fresco como caricia de fresca flor,
(a fresh scent like the caress of a fresh flower)
que dan hálitos tibios
(which give warm breath/vapors)
a las embriagaciones de mi claro sol.
(to the intoxications of my clear sun/sunshine)
Las brisas de mi lago
(The breezes of my lake)
semejan gaviotas de cristal,
(resemble gulls of crystal/glass)
que fingen caravanas
(that pretend to caravan/travel/bend)
tras la brizna de un hermoso ideal.
(across the blade/edge of a beautiful ideal/dream?)
Pletóricas espumas,
(Plethora foams)
sutiles ilusiones del mar
(subtle illusions of the sea)
que huyen tras las sombras
(which flee past the shadows)
de mi hermoso ideal.
(of my beautiful ideal/dream?)
Soñar despierto, frente a la luna
(Dreaming awake, facing the moon)
con las pupilas llenas de sol,
(with pupils full of the sun)
brisas del Zulia, canción de cuna
(breezes of Zulia, song of cradle)
no olvido nunca su acariciar.
(I cannot ever forget your caress)

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