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This page shows examples of text in a block, using the triple-brace method of marking the block.

no macro 'TableOfContents' found

markup outside a block (non-preformat) [edit section]

This text should be displayed using regular HTML formatting here (based on stardard TBWiki markup).
  • here's a bold bullet list item

The following should be shown:

Preformat block [edit section]

This should be in preformat
    with indents and all
 * This should NOT be a '''bold''' bullet list item

comment block / hidden block [edit section]

Now, try showing with a comment block:

In this section, there is a block in the page source.

The first line starts with a '#' symbol, which means the whole block is a comment (or that it is hidden)

This is text before the comment/hidden block.

This is the text after the hidden block

named block [edit section]

Block1This text is part of "Block1"
You could refer to externally as TestBlocks:Block1

there is also a hidden named block, right after this line:

This block could be referred to externally as TestBlocks:Block2

See also [edit section]

See also TestProcessorGetBlock

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