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This file contains notes about the status and progress of TBWiki
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Things to do [edit section]

write a google map API test file in /var/www/html/maptest/ See http://mirror.celinuxforum.org/maptest/

See also [edit section]

  • Periodically, check TestPages to see if things still work as expected.
  • See the BugList page for bugs that need to be worked on.
  • See the FixthisList page for a list of FIXTHIS items in the code

Bug, FIXTHIS, missing features count [edit section]

See also FIXTHIS items in the source code:

Error: unknown processor: 'Table'

Next major items to work on [edit section]

  • bug 13
  • add table spec attribute to enable/disable column sorting
  • add table query cheat sheet to query table form page
  • document Table use with data_scan module
    • DocTables has some information (one example, the FIXTHIS table)
    • fix elsummit confirmed attendee table
  • make tables robust
    • eliminate save_table_data - placing support in appropriate routines in the io_handler (tb.handler)
      • one of write() or some other class method.
    • fix bug 017. See BugList
    • fix bug with edit-in-place on QuarterlyData table
    • make automated test suite for testing page rendering
    • fix all known bugs, with all known table types
      • make a table test matrix
  • handle chart attributes
    • make chart_attrs_class, to generate defaults when attrs are missing
    • create flat namespace for chart attributes
    • translate chart atttributes into call arguments during chart creation

Uncategorized ideas [edit section]

  • make talk pages optional
    • make code which displays "discussion" tab conditional on a global config

Next, next major items to work on [edit section]

  • un-specialize pychartwrapper.py
    • chart another data type using same wrapper??
      • generic multi-series data chart
      • scripture reading chart?
      • weight chart
      • running chart??
  • support data entry and modification for TimsRunning data
    • see ProcessorProgressChart.py
    • use Add Form for table??
      • support current date for date entry??
  • queries, query_lists
  • TBWiki task list
  • document table architecture and interfaces - see Table Architecture
    • document table attributes
    • document chart attributes
  • make prototype family info database on bird.org
    • automatically create a User account file on login???
    • make MemberXX records for family members
      • determine the schema (what fields)
      • create a table view with contact information
  • table queries and views FEATURE
    • support <table>RecordView

  • write a bug database

Other items to work on, by category [edit section]

Style [edit section]

  • finish parsing bold, underline and italics
    • can't nest bold and italics
    • can't italicize a link
  • switch to MediaWiki page syntax??
  • enhance themes feature
    • see DocThemes
    • calculate theme from user account or other variable
      • current use of page name is lame
    • allow configurable navigation links
    • allow configurable toolbox links
    • read page dressing from nested pages??
      • allow header and footer pages to be HTML or TBWIKI format
        • if TBWIKI, allow for sub-page references that are loaded, parsed and formatted recursively

General [edit section]

  • write a log entry for each access
    • generate tbwiki stats from log
  • need better diff output
  • need ability to delete page (for admins only?)
  • allow administrators to view and edit files in the 'admin' directory using normal tbwiki access (just like regular pages)
    • treat it like a MoinMoin overlay directory
  • make "printable view" of web page
    • basically display page with no decorations
  • make a mobile viewer
  • add ability to grab content at specific intervals
    • kind of a combination of crontab and websed
    • allows for charting something automatically over time

Processors [edit section]

  • support mapping routines (e.g. to convert chapters to pages and back)
  • add support for goal lines to the ProgressChart processor
  • slideshow
    • make sure all nested parsing works
    • add sidebar list of slides (section 1 headings), with links to pages
    • support show attributes and per-slide attributes (bgcolor, bgimage, margins, etc.)

Tables [edit section]

  • support read-only attribute
  • Support time-sampled database
  • support automatic data snapshotting
  • write a 'table creation wizard' processor
    • ask for field names and types, and create the schema file and cover file
  • document table config concepts:
    • base config (from original conf block)
    • dynamic config (from request form varables)
    • query config (from query conf block)
  • saved queries
    • specify query list in conf block
    • each item in list specifies a query conf block
  • make backup file when editing table files
  • finish all routines for editing a table
    • use {{{Table(arg1,arg2,arg3...) notation for inline tables
      • support other args:
        • formspec, query line (row filter, column filter, etc.)
  • multi-file tables
    • display multi-line values correctly
    • display '<no-data>' values correctly
    • auto-sense type of each field (text, select, textarea) and use for auto-form generation
  • handle field types with enumerated values (lists and radio buttons)

Forms editing and Templates [edit section]

  • write code to emit forms
    • code to emit different widgets
      • emit with %(nameFieldTextArea)s ??
      • and %(phoneFieldText)s ??
      • and %(happyFieldCheckbox)s ??
  • use form emitter for page edit?? ) formspec?
  • use form emitter for user accounts. formspec?

Users and attributes [edit section]

  • Support online creation of new users
    • make a "create user" form
    • create a new user account file from a form
  • provide help if user forgets password
    • link to e-mail the password??
    • password hint??
  • create 'user.edit' action, which edits a user account file
  • support different roles (admin vs. non-admin)
  • allow user to edit their attribute values
    • make an "edit user" form
  • REFACTOR - use existing form code for user forms

Long term ideas [edit section]

  • documentation
  • table editing:

  • should support "save and edit again" and "save and add another row" buttons for saving edit forms.
  • Table Of Contents
    • do auto-table of contents, like wikipedia??
    • handle included files and text expanded from processors??!!
  • check CSS on multiple browsers with BrowserCam

    Things Completed [edit section]

    • 2010-10 support inline tables - FEATURE
    • 2010-?? websed - add websed feature to scrape other web pages
      • 2010-?? data-scan - add as a processor first, then make into a database grabber
    • 2008-10 table - back up page on table edit
    • 2008-09 chart - draw chart of table data
    • 2008-08 processor - add a charting package (pychart)
    • 2008-02 table - added support for sorting table rows
    • 2008-02 table - support col_list and row_filter specifiers
    • 2008-02 table - added ability to edit whole table at a time
    • 2008-02 macro - create Include macro
    • 2008-02 table - separated conf into separate class
      • add field_db (parsing, handling)
        • add field types, colors, possible values
      • add routine to read block from page
    • 2008-02 table data - separated IO handler into separate class
    • move tbwiki with authentication to bird.org
    • aug03 - add user accounts.
      • put user account files in an 'admin' directory
      • authenticate user from files in 'admin' directory in action user.login
      • look up user by name to process login form (in action user.login)
    • jul07 - add cookie code for user accounts
    • feb07 - use pages for page dressing (see tbwiki.header and tbwiki.footer)
    • jan07 - support file upload FEATURE
    • 11/15 - add support for inline images
    • change backup routine to save current version of page instead of old version of file
    • save edit comment and show in history
    • edit sections FEATURE
    • parse and format:
      • bullets
      • headers
      • horizontal rules
      • paragraph breaks
      • preformatting
    • write edit form for page
    • save edited data to file
    • read page from data directory and emit as html
    • write handlers for various actions
    • create add_record form (using existing edit_form code)
    • write mtable.save_form() routine
    • re-write edit_form to present whole table with edit links
    • support Table internal macro, with args
    • modified backup time in file extension to be human-readable
    • wrote mtable.modify_record() routine
    • wrote mtable.remove_record() routine
    • parse and display URLs as links
    • use pages for page dressin
    • make items in table of contents into links
      • make an anchor target for each heading
      • use href for anchor target in TableOfContents macro
    • make nicer format for table of contents box
    • add search form to header
    • support multi-page table source_spec
      • support e.g. "User*" as the spec
        • read all pages starting with User
          • finish parse_table_pages() routine
            • read each page matching the source_spec
            • parse out values using a page template
              • start with simple name=value parser
        • create page on add record
        • write page on edit record
        • remove page on remove record
    • support history action
      • show history from backup times
      • allow diff between two versions

  • TBWiki engine by Tim Bird