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Problem importing plugins
Here are processes for working with the project list:

Event-driven [edit section]

  • To create a company entry: Create a new company entry when a company joins CELF

  • To create a project entry: Create a new project entry when a company rep reports a new project

  • To create a representative entry: Create a new representative entry when you are introduced to a new representative.

Maintenance checklist: [edit section]

1. scan CELF company database, and check for new companies
   1.1 add companies that have joined since last scan
   1.2 remove companies that have left since last scan
2. scan project database
   2.1 ask project leader about status of project
     2.1.1 update the project status in the database
   2.2 ask for new volunteers for existing projects
3. ask members about new projects
   3.1 add new projects to project database
4. scan representatives
   4.1 ask representatives about the projects they are involved in
5. scan social map
   5.1 look at social map - scan for gaps
   5.2 update gaps in social map

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