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ProjectList in 'raw' format

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Here are to-do items for working on the CELF project list:

= To Do =
 * create a separate "projects" database??
   * yes
 * Determine how to delegate project management to other AG members
   * divide by region or by topic (or both)
   * !!map my own social network (create links where needed, but
follow existing social links where possible)
 * Determine how to consistently manage the projects
   * must have process for managing - deadlines, schedule, etc
   * must ask sub-managers to follow the process

See also [[ProjectListProcess]] and [[CELFCompanies]]

= Later =
 * create multi-table database???
    * in SQL, it would be 5 tables:
     * company db - name, primary rep, primary e-mail, primary project, secondary project, last contacted, rating
     * representative db - representative, e-mail, phone, company, last contacted, rating
     * project db - project, description, home(link), leader
     * company-project - company id, project id
     * project-rep - project id, rep id

= Done =
 * get a list of all CELF companies
 * create a text file with the project information
   * format text in TDB format?? - yes

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