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Google search tips

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Here is a google search tip cheat sheet:

Query Terms [edit section]

  • AND is implied, but you can specify it
  • site:<site>
  • OR or | can be used to specify 'or' conditions
  • intitle:<word> - only show pages with the word in their title
  • filetype:<typd> - only show files with indicated type
  • -<word> - suppress pages containing the indicated word
  • "word1 word2" - find exact phrase
  • 200..300 - find numbers within a range

Some sample queries:

  • site:edu intitle:Introduction intitle:C++ filetype:ppt | filetype:pdf | filetype:doc
    • Find only presentations or documents with titles containing "Introduction" and "C++" from sites in the .edu domain

Most material is from: How to be a Google Search Ninja

Math and conversion [edit section]

  • 200 euros in dollars
  • 35 pounds in kilos
  • 453 / 21.5

Lots of specialized queries [edit section]

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