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This is the Front Page for Tim Bird's "Modular Wiki" system, or
"TBWiki".  See more information about this below.

Current test page: [[TestPyChart]]

Recent test page: [[TestSlideShow]]

Here are some links to current working areas:
 * [[TBWikiToDo]]
 * [[General To Do List]]
 * [[Tim Todo]]
 * [[TBWiki-based Sites]]
 * [[ELC Todo List]]
 * [[TimBird]] - my home page with miscellaneous information
 * [[Android Book]]
 * [[Robotics club]]

 * [[TestPages]]
 * [[RelatedProjects]]
 * [[FeatureList]]
 * [[TBWikiDocumentation]]
 * [[Support Information]] - stuff used to support Windows machines

== Personal stuff ==
 * [[Portal:CML]]
 * [[TaylorSchoolStuff]]
 * [[FamilyHistory]]

== Work stuff ==
 * [[ProjectList]] - To Do page for CELF project (/interest) list

== Upload Area
For files that have been uploaded, see:
 * [[http://tree.celinuxforum.org/tbw-files/|tbwiki files download area]]

This system is currently under construction, but it has several features found
in much older systems, and some new features (such as integrated table
editing) not found in many other wiki systems.

To see a list of pages, click on the ArticleIndex link in the navigation list.

You can edit a page by clicking on the "edit this page" tab at the top of
any page.
The "split" link in the toolbox will show the raw page data formatted
side-by-side with the parsed and HTML-formatted page data.

TBWiki engine by Tim Bird