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DougWebTodo in 'raw' format

Problem importing plugins
Here are some things to do for "Doug Web":


What's next:
 * create own site for data (having pages integrated is broken)
   * use tbwikil.py
 * Create author page
   * create author database
   * create author form
   * create author view_all
   * create author view_1
 * make Author box a processor on authors
 * refine layout
   * get rid of gap between left sidebar and middle column
 * create a hook for a page index
 * Create News page
   * create news database
     * create news form
     * create news view_all
     * create news view_1
 * create work page
   * create work database
   * create work form
   * create work view_all_table
   * create work view_all_list
   * create work view_one
 * create events page
   * create event database
   * create event form
   * create event view
 * create order page

= Other stuff =
 * add new virtual site, port 8001
 * create graphics for tabs (see if star office has something)

= Done =
 * Create main page layout
     * content area is repeated entries for that category of works
     * left sidebar = search, events, news, new works, spotlight
     * right sidebar = author list, work list
     * '''make sidebar sub-items their own boxes''

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