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Problem importing plugins
A theme allows you to specify the page "decorations" which surround the content of a TBWiki page. To create a theme, create the files:
  • <theme>.header
  • <theme>.footer
  • <theme>.css - stylesheet file

The format of the header and footer files is raw HTML. You can reference some TBWiki system variables, to place items whereever you want on the page. The header and footer files go in the data/pages directory, just like any other file (this might be a security risk). The stylesheet file goes in the 'css' directory.

Here are some of the variables available, and what they mean:

  • content_type - specifies the type of page to return (usually text/html)
  • title - the page title
  • system_title - the name of the TBWiki site
  • base_css_url - the base web directory where css files are stored
  • stylesheet - the name of the css file (default is 'tbwiki.css', but it varies depending on the theme.
  • login_form - puts a link to the login form, or the name of the currently logged-in user
  • nav_bar - a sidebar table showing a list of navigation links
  • search_form - a table with a search form in it
  • toolbox - a sidebard table showing a list of actions you can perform
  • message - will display a message, usually reflecting the status of the last action performe

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