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Introduction [edit section]

One of the strengths of TBWiki is the ability to add links to other pages or external sites very easily. Also, it is easy to refer to downloadable content and to place images inline on a page as well.

Link Syntax [edit section]

plain links [edit section]

Here is the syntax for creating links:

A URL which is placed "in the open" on a page, will be converted into a link to the referenced site. The following URL types are recognized:

  • http:
  • mailto:
  • ftp:
  • media: or Media:
  • image: or Image:

Here's an example:

  • http://www.google.com/ - a plain external link

Most other links are created using double-brackets.

Links with cover text [edit section]

If you want to display different text for a link, in place of the URL, place the reference in double-brackets, followed by a vertical bar, then the cover text.

Here's an example:

Links to pages on this site [edit section]

To reference a page on this site, just put the name of the page (with or without spaces) inside double brackets:

  • [ [FrontPage]] - a page name on this site

  • [ [FrontPage|the TBWiki home page]] - a page name with cover text

  • [ [page with spaces]] - a page name with spaces

Links to non-html files on this site [edit section]

  • [ [media:bird-image.jpg]] - a link to non-html content on this site

  • [ [media:bird-image.jpg|a neat bird image]] - a link to non-html content, with cover text

Inline images [edit section]

  • [ [image:bird-image.jpg]] - place an image inline on this page

Examples [edit section]

See the TestLinks page in split mode

TBWiki engine by Tim Bird