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Problem importing plugins
Here is information about basic syntax for TBWiki: no macro 'TableOfContents' found

General markup [edit section]

  • a blank line = a paragraph break
  • 4 or more dashes alone on line = a horizontal rule
    • number of dashes = thickness of line

(below this is a thin line, formed with ----)

(below this is a thick line, formed with ----------)

  • italic = surround text by two single-quotes

no macro 'HTML' found = italic

  • bold = surround text by 3 single-quotes

no macro 'HTML' found = bold

Headings [edit section]

  • leading and trailing '=' at start of line => headings
    • number of '=' = heading level

2nd level heading [edit section]

was made with no macro 'HTML' found

3rd level heading [edit section]

was made with no macro 'HTML' found

4th level heading [edit section]

was made with no macro 'HTML' found

Lists [edit section]

  • space and '*' = bullet
    • indentation = bullet level

Links [edit section]

Links are either interpreted from plain text, when the part before the colon is a recognized URL prefix (http:), or are specified with surrounding double square brackets.

Blocks [edit section]

  • preformatted text - use triple braces, and no name
  • named block - use triple braces and a name on the top line
  • hidden block - use triple braces and a leading '#' in the name
  • named table block - use triple braces and put the block name following thetable processor syntax:

<table spec and data>
}} }

Macros and processors [edit section]

Macros are invoked with double braces. Processors use triple braces, and #! preceding the processor name.

Common Macros [edit section]

  • {{BR}} - forced line break
  • {{TableOfContents}} - insert a table of contents
  • {{HTML(text}} - insert raw text unprocessed in HTML output

Processors [edit section]

Processors can invoke plugins to produce output calculated at runtime (that is, at the time of page access).

Useful processors [edit section]

Some useful processors:
  • #!Table - table processor
  • #!WebSed - page scraping processor
  • #!SlideShow - show a page as a slide show
  • #!bc - calculator processor (see 'man bc')
  • #!RegEx - do interactive RegEx testing
  • #!RunningChart - show running chart from table data

Testing processors [edit section]

  • #!GetBlock - test for internal get_block() routines

TBWiki engine by Tim Bird