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Summary Bug List [edit section]

Here is a table of bugs:

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Long Form [edit section]

Error: unknown processor: 'Table'

Outstanding TBWiki bugs (in text format) [edit section]

1. If you press Cancel on a page create, it takes you back to the edit form for the create again.

2. If you save the identical page, it does a regular save. It should see that contents are the same and avoid the save.

3. You get a python exception if you enter an invalid regular expression in the search form.

4. Recent changes is missing newly created pages.

5. Can't combine bold and italics. Can't apply bold and italics to other elements.

6. Checkbox form fields don't work so well

  • checkbox value is not inserted in the edit_record form
  • if checkbox is unchecked, the form handling code can't read the value from the form.

7. history is missing the current page - it can't see the latest diff

9. page with space (on TestLinks page) isn't processed properly by makeurl

  • probably need to test all functions on page_names with spaces

11. RegEx processor doesn't read match lines from processor block

13. TBWiki doesn't automatically create link to 'https:' URLs.

14. bug list is not in table format

15. ProgressChart macro can't parse date strings without the time portion of the string

next = 16 count = 13

fixed [edit section]

10. python exception logging message in http server when you click on General To Do List on the FrontPage

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