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This wiki is for managing stuff related to Embedded Linux Conference.


== Program Committee ==
 * Ruud Derwig
 * Tim Bird
 * Frank Rowand
 * Michael Opdenacker
 * Laurent Julliard
 * Christian Schaller
 * Klaas van Gend

=== Setup ===

||Name||LF account||review access verified?||tasks||
||Ruud||ruud||yes|| ||
||Tim||tbird20d||yes||manage this page, communicate with LF||
||Michael||michaelo||yes|| ||
||Laurent||eljay||should work|| tutorials||
||Christian||cschalle||yes|| ||
||Klaas||kaa-ching||yes|| ||


== Resources ==
 * mailing list: [[mailto:elce-11@tree.celinuxforum.org]]
 * Proposal review site: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/cfp/cfp-list?event_id=17
 * ELCE main web site: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/embedded-linux-conference-europe
 * ELCE CFP: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/embedded-linux-conference-europe/cfp
 * ELCE Technical Showcase page: http://elinux.org/ELCE_2011_Technical_Showcase
   * need to create this page
 * Demo table: See [[Demos for ELCE2011]]
   * this page is for keeping track of candidate and confirmed demos for the showcase

== Speaker Recruiting ==
See [[ELCE 2011 Speaker Recruiting]]

=== Focus of the event ===
Ruud, Klaas and Tim have had private discussions about the possibility
of having an "Embedded Linux in Automotive" focus at the event.
While we would still encourage a wide range of session proposals, we
would give a slight preference in recruiting and proposal review for
talks around automotive topics.

== Keynotes ==
I don't have an "industry" or "strategic issues" keynote yet.

Keynote slots:
 * Wednesday morning - no keynote (too much competition from LCE and KS)
 * Thursday morning - Industry
 * Friday morning - Community

Keynote candidates and confirmations
 * Matt Stone, Jaguar, Genivi, Linux and next gen automotive infotainment
 * Doug Welk, Delphi, Genivi and Linux - what the future holds

Keynotes non-candidates:
 * David Rusling - has conflict with UDS/LDS

 * none so far

== Logos and promotional resources ==
See [[Logos and resources]]

== Sponsors ==
Angela manages this.

== Promotion ==
See [[Promotion]]

== Past Events ==
See [[ELC 2011 Front Page]]

See [[ELCE 2010 Front Page]]

=== Rooms for each Day ===
==== Wednesday ====
==== Thursday ====
==== Friday ====

== Files area ==
To upload files, select 'Upload files' in the toolbox to the left.

Files are placed in the file area: http://tree.celinuxforum.org/elcwiki-files/

You can create a link to a file in this area, on a page, with the following
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== Speaker Selection Notes ==
See [[Speaker Selection Notes]]

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