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This wiki is for managing stuff related to Embedded Linux Conference.

Program Committee [edit section]

  • Tsugikazu Shibata
  • Greg Ungerer
  • Frank Rowand
  • Paul Mundt
  • Jeff Osier-Mixon
  • Tasneem Brutch
  • Tim Bird
  • Mark Vels


  • Matt Mackall
  • Wolfram Sang

Resources [edit section]

Speaker Recruiting [edit section]

See ELC 2011 Speaker Recruiting

Keynotes [edit section]

I don't have an "industry" or "strategic issues" keynote yet.

Keynote slots:

  • Monday morning - Arnd Bergmann - Community
  • Tuesday morning - Dirk Hohndel - Yocto
  • Wednesday morning - Christy Wyatt, Mark Charlebois
  • Thursday morning - ???

Keynotes confirmed and candidates:

  • Dirk Hohndel - Yocto - confirmed
  • Arnd Bergmann - confirmed
  • Steve Kondik (cyanogen) - The cyanogenmod project - candidate
  • ??? - Android at Sony - candidate
  • Christy Wyatt - Motorola - Android something-or-other


  • Jonathan Corbet - Status of Linux - declined

Logos and promotional resources [edit section]

See Logos and resources

Sponsors [edit section]

Angela manages this.

Promotion [edit section]

See Promotion

Past Events [edit section]

See ELC 2011 Front Page

See ELCE 2010 Front Page

Rooms for each Day [edit section]

Monday [edit section]

Tuesday [edit section]

Wednesday [edit section]

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