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ELCE 2011 Speaker Recruiting

Candidate Table [edit section]

Candidate  ^ contact  ^ company  ^ possible topic  ^ Contacted?  ^ proposal received?  ^ Notes  ^
Mike Anderson mike@theptrgroup.com The PTR Group jtag/threading/tutorials no no
Magnus Damm magnus.damm@gmail.com Renesas runtime PM no no
Paul Mundt lethal@linux-sh.org Renesas memory issues? no no
Greg Ungerer gerg@snapgear.com Snapgear bootloader??, uclibc?? no no
Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker@free-electrons.com Free Electrons flash fs?? no no
Kevin Hillman . TI PM or OMAP no no
Thomas Gleixner tlgx@tlgx.de Linutronix/CELF contractor RT-preempt or UBI no no
John Stultz . Linaro Android mainlining no no
Jesse Barker . Linaro Graphics no no
Marcel Holtzman . Intel bluetooth stack no no
Anna Dushistova Anna.dushistova@gmail.com Mentor eclipse tools no no now lives in Alabama
Harald Welte hwelte@hmw-consulting.de ??? telephony?, Looking back at X years of gpl-violations.org no no
Kevin Hillman . TI contractor/independent?? power management no no
Stefan Schmidt DFU support in U-boot CELF contractor no no
wookey ???
Wolfram Sang . Pengutronix/CELF contractor watchdog framework no no
Phillip Lougher . CELF contractor squashfs on MTD no no
Matt Porter matt@ohporter.com TI ?? no no
Matt Locke Matthew.locke@gmail.com TI ?? no no
David Woodhouse . Intel ?? no no
Ralf Baechle . Wind River ?? no no
Robert Schwebel robert@schwebel.de Pengutronics Barebox ("U-Boot 2"), CAN yes, by Klaas no
Armijn Hemel info@tjaldur.nl Tjaldur / gpl-violations.org / binaryanalysis.org What goes into an Executable? Identifying a Binary's sources by Tracing the Build Process yes, by Klaas no talk submitted to academic conference. Not sure if allowed to submit - being researched.
Shane Coughlan shane@opendawn.com opendawn binary analysis tools no no lives in Japan, CELF has to pay for travel
??? . FSFE.org GPL/GPL compliance no no
Joe Pearson . MontaVista Software Quality Assurance and Verification of OSS against Automotive Spice and CCMI no no
Ned Miljevic . MontaVista Software running and shilding Androidn within Linux LXC yes, by Klaas no
Michael Shuldt Michael.Schuldt@bmw-carit.de BMW Car IT Genivi Layer Manager, the new windowing solution for automotive no no
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Suspected not available:

  • David Rusling

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