This page describes how to use this (the CE Linux Forum) public wiki.

Please follow the three steps listed below to begin working on this wiki. If you just want to browse the contents of the wiki, that's fine too. Just go back to the FrontPage and start looking around.

Create An Account

Please create an account for yourself by going to the UserPreferences page. (You can get also get to that page by clicking on the link in the upper right-hand corner of any page.) It is probably best if you use a WikiName in the Name field, in case you decide to do the optional next step (see next paragraph). Once you have filled out the information on that page and saved it, come back here. Note that once you have done that, your account name should appear in the upper right-hand corner of every page.

Optionally, you may create a home page for yourself on this wiki. This is useful to provide others with your contact information, and a little bit of biographical information about yourself. If you create a home page which matches your user preferences account name, then people may also link to that page from the RecentChanges page.

To create a home page, go to the CreateNewPage page, enter your name for the page name (and hit the "Go" button), then click on the HomepageTemplate link. Finally, enter any information you want on your page. Please note that this is a public wiki (which may be scanned by spammers or others), so be careful what information you put on your page. Many people put their e-mail address in a form that is human-recognizable, but not machine usable, to thwart email address harvesters.

To see an example of a simple home page, see the page for TimBird.

Filling out Templates

In general, this wiki uses the convention for template pages, that square brackets are used to denote things you should replace with your own text. You should remove the items in brackets (and the brackets) before saving the page.

[on template pages, stuff you should replace will look like this]

Learn Wiki Markup

Please go and write something on the WikiSandBox page. Follow the instructions on that page to edit it (below the dashes) and experiment with basic markup. Note that when you edit a page there is mini-help at the bottom of the page, and that you can preview your edit at any time by pressing the "Preview" button on the edit page.

You can also experiment on your own home page, if you created one.

Sign up for a task on a Task List

Various pages on this wiki are task lists. That means they are tasks that need work to be done on them. You can sign up for a task by filling out the appropriate task row in the table on the task list page. If you are a member of the forum, you may put your own name or your company name in the field for the "person" who is committing to do the task. If you are not a member of the forum, please consider giving us some contact information so we can communicate with you about the task. Non-members should, in general, communicate with the forum about technical issues on the celinux-dev mailing list.

To see a list of all the pages that are task lists, see the CategoryTaskList page.

MoinMoin tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can use on this site:

Find your tasks

Throughout the site are various task lists. If you are signed up for tasks on multiple lists, you can find them all with a text search. At the bottom of the page enter your name in the text search box and hit ENTER. A list of pages is displayed, with each occurence of your name shown.

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