This page has information and (possibly) documents used for collaboration between some of the major tracing systems for Linux. For a list of tracing systems available for the Linux kernel, see: KernelTracingSystems

Tracing Collaboration

In order to avoid duplication of effort, we would like to have members of the major tracing systems collaborate.

Ideas for collaborating

Here are some proposed areas of tracing collaboration:

Some of these have been discussed:

Mutual concerns

kernel markers

Action Items

This sections lists the things that need to happen next:

Linux Trace leaders

Here are some people influential in tracing projects:

Meetings and Conferences


I think we should reach consensus on tracer terminology. Following is a list of terms and their definitions, as I (Tim Bird) understand them:

[other terms???] Sentences using these terms:

Tracer Taxonomy

I'm working on building a taxonomy of kernel tracer attributes.

See TracerTaxonomy

See also TracerSurveyQuestions for survey questions for trace system leaders.

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