Here is information about CE Linux Forum's involvement and participation in Ottawa Linux Symposium 2006.

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CELF had big involvement in OLS 2006. CELF was a sponsor of OLS and we had a number of meetings at and around the event. There were presentations and BOFs by many CELF members. Also, we continued our tradition of handing out prizes at the closing keynote address.

Here are some of notes and presentations from the event.

Embedded Linux BOF

In this BOF, Tim gave his "State of Embedded Linux" talk. He described some what's happened with Linux in the last year, related to its use in embedded devices. This includes an overview of things recently mainlined (like Linux-tiny patches), as well as ongoing work and research in areas like power management for embedded devices, system memory size, bootup time improvements, realtime, measurement tools, etc.

Here is Tim's presentation: OLS2006-Embedded-BOF-2.ppt

Here are PORTIONS of Tim's presentation, with links to relevant articles (mostly on /!\ - please see the file for the full presentation.

Some of the major discussion items were:

CELF Project BOF

At this meeting we discussed some of CELF's initiatives and member company projects.

The following presentation introduced the topics, and had information about the CELF Test Lab: CELF-Projects-BOF.ppt

Quickie CELF Initiatives Overview

CELF Test Lab Introduction and Demonstration

By Tim Bird, Sony Electronics

See more about the lab in the BOF slides (see above).

Config Weight Size Test

By Munehiro Ikeda, NEC

CABI (CPU Resource Management)

By Midori Sugaya, Waseda University

* Presentation material : 2006_0721_LinuxSympoisum_clinux_bof_CABI_pdf.pdf

Annual CELF "Challenge" Item

Discussion led by Tim.

Hi-definition camera demonstration by Lumenera

[need to put info here]

Jamboree Report

By Satoru Ueda,

Presentation material:

Architecture Group meeting

This meeting was open to CELF Architecture Group members and invited guests.

See AgJuly2006Meeting for the presentation and meeting notes for this meeting.

OLS Sessions by (or including) CELF members

Employees of CELF member companies made a number of presentations this year at OLS. Also, we led or participated in a number of BOFS. Here is a list of presentations and BOFS where CELF members presented or discussed topics important for embedded developers:

The full conference schedule is available at: [Should change this to link to proceedings, when they are online]

/!\ Please note that several other sessions at OLS reflect work that is sponsored or funded (in whole or in part) by CELF member companies.

Categorized Session List

CELF produced a guide to OLS sessions for embedded developers. This might help you look through the OLS 2006 proceedings for presentations of interest. The Proceedings are available at:


CELF members showed a number of demos of their current open source projects. Come see live demonstrations of technology developed for using and customizing Linux in Consumer Electronics products.


CELF had several prizes to hand out again, as a way of saying "Thank You" to the open source community.

The prizes were handed out by Tim Bird at the final keynote:

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