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OMAP 5912 Starter Kit

osk.jpg osk-back.jpg

OMAP5912 Starter Kit is a development board available from SpectrumDigital for $US295. It does not include a display but there is a Q-VGA LCD Module (below) and a Wire Wrap Prototyping Module

LCD Modules

Q-VGA from Mistral

qvga.jpg qvga-back.jpg

Mistral Software Q-VGA LCD Module for OMAP5912 Starter Kit.

Aditec Graphic LCD Module(AGLM)

Aditec Graphic LCD Module (AGLM)

From the website:

Files Updated January 2, 2007.

The kernel is based on 2.6.19 with the omap patch from The udev start is slow (especially for the first boot). Load the kernel at 0x40000 and the file system at 0x240000. See the instructions for flashing the kernel image, flashing the filesystem, and a listing of the uboot environment needed to boot. These images are created with Open Embedded. The file system contains basic utilities, alsa support, dropbear, usb, and pcmcia. (And probably a few things I forgot) The toolchain is based on EABI.

Please let me know if you use these. Problems/praise are both welcome. philip at balister dot org.

Hardware Features

Software Features

What's Included

Flash Recovery Utility


This section tries to summarize various HOWTOs and FAQs existing for OMAP Linux and/or OSK.

TODO list

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