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Workgroup Description

The Mobile Phone Profile Working Group was formed to work on providing a Linux, open-source base for building mobile phones. The mobile phone industry has seen growing interest in using Linux as a product base. Since many technology developers are building their components on Linux, phones based on Linux should be able to adopt those new technologies more quickly than phones based on proprietary platforms.

In this domain, real-time performance, system size, boot-up time, and power management are areas where critical improvements need to be made to Linux. Additionally, the middleware available for building phones needs to be broadened and matured.

The Working Group will formalize requirements for system and middleware components and will identify existing and needed open-source projects that provide components or capabilities for Linux-based mobile phones. The Working Group will also identify standard middleware APIs enabling third-party software development and projects implementing such APIs.




Mobile Phone API

The Working Group has been developing an API for handset functionality. The first parts of that API are now available for public comment during their Formal Review. For more information, see MppApiFormalReview.

WG Technical Projects

The Working Group has made progress on two of its work items.

The Group agreed on profiles defining several Reference Tiers that define classes of phone products.

The Group has begun work on defining an API for mobile handset functionality, beginning from a proposal presented by NEC and Panasonic.


The WIPI Specification and supporting materials.

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