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Open Source Patch and Feature Watch

Patch or Feature


When was last activity



some sub-patches mainlined, 86 outstanding, 63 bit-rotted relative to 2.6.21

patches published for 2.6.14

Some discussion at OLS 2007 about new maintainer.


not mainlined


last mainline attempt was over a year ago






Not mainlined yet. In active development with patches submitted to LKML


Reported to still be not-ready-for-prime-time; could offer significant memory gains for embedded flash-based systems


core not mainlined (what about markers??)


LTTng instrumentation bits were changed to use markers, in early 2007

SystemTap (and Kprobes) for non-i386 arches

no embedded arch support mainlined yet


KProbes ports for ARM, MIPS and PPC32 were reported on at ELC 2007, SystemTap for SH was demo'ed at ELC 2007

pagemap instrumentation

currently in -mm, targetted for 2.6.23?

July 2007

Matt Mackall was fixing a lock contention bug (as of July 2007)

KFT (Kernel Function Trace)

not mainlined - broken on ARM (with gcc > 4.x), PPC64 has problems (reports parent funcs of inlines)

last published external patches for 2.6.21

working to transfer maintainership of this from Tim Bird to Nicholas McGuire

printk-times (arch support)

fully mainlined?

April, 2005

Some arches had problems with accessing the clock too early in the kernel bootup sequence, but a new setup routine defers turning on the timestamping until after timekeeping is initialized


some parts mainlined (last part was high res. timers in 2.6.21)


Next target is to integrate threaded interrupts in 2.6.23??

App Armour

not mainlined

May, 2007

Some kernel developers still have objections to path-based security


not mainlined

2nd LKML posting Aug, 2007

Some kernel developers still have objections to path-based security




ACPI version available; reported to be portable to non-Intel architectures, but no attempt known

B) [NEW]
Userspace I/O

Seems to be merged into mainline (see: http://lwn.net/Articles/242483/ )

July, 2007

Lets pay attention!
References: http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/uio.html

B) [NEW]
Kernel How To (Japanese and Chinese translation)

Seems to be merged into mainline

July, 2007

Lets pay attention!
Originally written by Greg KH

General Session

Project Update Session

デモンストレーション / Demonstration

はじめて参加される方に(For Newcomers)

お知らせ / Notice

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