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CE Linux Developer Wiki

This web site has public information about the CE Linux Forum, including source code, information, and documents which may be of general interest to both members and non-members of the forum.

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There are 3 main things of interest on this site:

The forum also hosts technical conferences (or sponsors or participates in existing Linux events) and posts technical papers, presentations and other information from those events.

Embedded Linux Wiki

CELF has created a vendor-neutral, community-oriented wiki to host information related to the use of Linux in embedded products.

The wiki, found at , is especially dedicated to embedded Linux. Much of the previously existing content of the CELF public wiki was moved there when it was created. New technical content should normally be placed there instead of this wiki, going forward.

Embedded Technology Watch List

CELF is now monitoring the status of several out-of-tree kernel patches and features. This page shows the items that CELF members are interested in.


Resources and Projects

Development Portals for specific technical work areas

CELF has accumulated technical information about many different technology or feature areas of embedded Linux systems. This includes information about Bootup Time, System Size, Power Management, Security, Real-time and technology areas.

This information is contained in the Development Portals of the wiki.

See main page


CELF Member Project List


/!\ CE Linux Forum events are listed on the elinux wiki, at:

Please see that page for information about upcoming and previous CELF events.

Note: Editors - please add new information to that page instead of this one from now on.

Workgroup Information

Technical Working Group information

This is information about technical working groups.

/!\ Note: Not all Working Groups have published in-progress information on this site.

CELF Test Lab

The CE Linux Forum has a test lab, for testing aspects of Linux important for CE products.

See the Open Test Lab web site

Source Code

Over time, the forum has changed its approach to handling software. We started with very large patches in an integrated tree (based on kernel version 2.4.20). With the 2.6 release, we shifted to a mode where individual patches are available against stable source trees.

Note that anyone may submit a patch to be included in the CELF patch archive. A patch, submitted thus, might be considered by the forum and end up being ratified as an official CELF "reference implementation". Non-members who submit code to the forum are required to submit it under an agreement at:

2.6-based patches

2.4-based releases

Requirements and Specifications

In CELF's early days, we published specifications for what features we desired from Linux. We haven't done this lately, as it is more productive to work directly within the open source community to influence technical direction and feature development.

However, for reference, here are some of CELF's previously published specifications:

CELF 1.0 Specification (FINAL)

The "R2" version of the specification was approved by the Steering Committee in June of 2004.

CELF AVG 2.0 Specification

Updated Audio Video Graphics specification (version 2.0, May 2006).


See our NewsPage for some recent articles featuring or mentioning CELF.

How to use this site

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