Embedded Linux Conference 2007 Technical Showcase




What will be prepared by CE Linux Forum

Dimension of the desk


List of Applicants

How to apply

  1. Send e-mail to the coordinator with following information.
    • The contact person, the company name or the project name, the outline of the demonstration.
    • Whenever coordinator acknowledge the application mail, the item will be listed in this Wiki page. Please check and confirm.
  2. Prepare the poster and send the data to CELF Forum Office and demonstration coordinator by 1st April. It will be printed out by the forum office on big size paper.

  3. Prepare the demonstration equipments
    • If you do not have consignee which will be convenient for you, send them to Sony San Jose Office attention to Tim Bird and inform the shipping information (Airway Bill Number) to Tim and the coordinator by e-mail.
      • Address: Shipping address will be informed by request.
    • For Japanese applicants:
      • If you do not have appropriate transportation service, please be consulted to the coordinator. Sony's sister company of the logistics may assist you.


  1. Q: Is this opportunity limited for the CELF members?

    • A: No, it is not. We welcome non forum members, too.
  2. Q: Is the demonstrator requested to make some presentation session in the conference?

    • A: No, it is not required. However, we believe there may be so many people who wish to listed to the detail of the technology, so that we hope you to have some session. Please be noted that the due date for the session proposal will be earlier.
  3. Q: Should I assign some dedicated staff to carry on the demonstration?

    • A: No, it will not be necessary. We are going to set up a dedicated time slot for the demonstration isolated from the other techinical sessions. So that during the technical sessions, no one will be asked to attend the demonstration.

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