This page describes the Open Source DLNA Summit, hosted by the CE Linux Forum.


The CE Linux Forum is hosting the first ever Open Source DLNA Summit, in Linz Austria, November 4 2007.

This summit is co-located at the same venue as Embedded Linux Conference Europe, which has a web site at: (Note that registration in Embedded Linux Conference is not required for attending the DLNA Summit)

Slides from the event


The primary purpose of this conference is to facilitate the meeting and sharing of information among several parties interested in open source implementations of the DLNA specifications. These includes open source developers, product developers who might use these implementations, representatives from the DLNA organization or from related companies (certification and testing labs), and from members of the CE Linux Forum who are interested in this work.

This page has information about the summit. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

The CE Linux Forum is interested in promoting and supporting work in this area, for eventual use in Linux-based CE products. It is hoped that by collaborating we can avoid duplication of effort, strengthen interoperability between implementations, and help accelerate the development of robust and feature-full solutions. During this summit we also want to gauge the interest level for holding such events in the future and discuss ideas for making them more productive.



List of presentation and discussion topics


Specification Roadmap

Status of DLNA OSS Projects

Industry input on DLNA stack feature priorities and problem areas

CELF sponsorship and support of OSS projects, contract work etc

Open sourcing of DLNA stacks from CE companies

Ideas on collaboration: Code sharing, partitioning problem space etc

Certification Processes and Tools

Hardware availability: Development and Test hardware

Organizing DLNA Plug Fests

Share compliance experiences e.g. PS3 war stories

Future Summit discussion: Need for such a summit, agenda Ideas, mail lists, new invitees etc

Short (Upto 30 minutes) presentations on above or similar topics are welcome and encouraged. Though Pre-submission of presentations is not required, please inform Rahul Saxena ( if you plan to present.


List of Attendees (To be updated)




Tim Bird

CE Linux Forum

tim dot bird (at) am dot sony dot com

Sergey Jin Bostandzhyan


jin (at) mediatomb dot cc

Frank Scholz


fs (at) beebits dot net

Christian Schaller


christian dot schaller (at) collabora dot co dot uk

Rahul Saxena


rahul dot saxena (at) intel dot com

Ruud Derwig


ruud dot derwig (at) nxp dot com

Brian sibilsky


brian dot sibilsky (at)

Mostafa Beik


mostafa dot beik (at)

Fran├žois-Xavier Seingier


Francois-Xavier dot Seingier (at) thomson dot net

Caramelli Nicolas


Nicolas dot Caramelli (at) thomson dot net

Richard J. Park


jw1394 dot park (at) samsung dot com

Wim Decroix


wim dot decroix (at) philips dot com

Alexander Kanavin


alexander dot kanavin (at) nokia dot com

Venue/Hotel Information

This summit is co-located at the same venue as Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE). Please see the following ELCE conference web sites for Venu and Hotel information :

Link to more resources

More information about open source DLNA projects is available on the elinux wiki at:

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